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               GUITARIST | PRODUCER   

Chris Tench

Is a producer/songwriter/Multi instrumentalist & Foodie.

Tench started out his professional career in the mid 1980's as a Drummer and guitarist in cover bands. He relocated from Hudson Ohio to Atlanta Georgia with original band Tabula Rasa where he also began working on short films and television.


Moving to Nashville Tennessee in 1993, Chris joined up with long time friend/musician/puppeteer/writer and director Liam Lynch to form the band Owens Ashe's. That would then lead to working with other hometown friend writer/producer Matt Crocco on MTV's The Sifl & Olly Show as guitar player and character "Zafo"


In the years to follow, Chris built a solid base of touring, writing, recording and Producing with such artists as: Robert Nix, Kim Collins, Dick Aven, Roger Moutenot, 

Brian ArbuckleLiam Lynch, Ben Keith, Matt Crocco, David Crocco, Brian David Hardin,  Joe Costa, Tres sasser.


In the last few years, Chris has written, played and produced for independent  artists, bands, movies and Television shows such as: Good Day for ItMatthew Ryan, No Boundaries, Joanna Cotten, Brett Ryan Stewart, Will Webb, Amelia White, Carly Jamison, Moe Loughran, Julie Christensen, Dick AvenAutomatik Eden with Sean & Juliette Beavan of 8mm, David Newbould, Reckless Johnny WalesErland Wanberg, Renee WahlNeptune The Mystic, Stuffy Shmitt and most recently NIGHTHAWK

He has also written score's for two plays for actress and producer Jennifer Jewell: Goblin Market and Raison d'Être: An Evening Of Pirandello ...

Chris Tench © 2012

Cutting guitar tracks with my 79' Custom Les Pule
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