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Media Pig:

Is a creative platform designed for Musicians, Artist & Bands to paint their pictures, movies & voices

with music. Hearing in colors & painting with music, these mostly improvised compositions invoke a

wide range of dynamic & emotional soundscapes that become a story in & of themselves, by letting go

& making Artful Music for Art Sake.

This album, Media Pig (One) was recorded at the home of  Automatik Eden in L.A.'s Silver Lake.

The music consists of Instrumental compositions encompassing Programed Drums, Synth-Guitar and

Synthesized Woodwind, Sax, Flute, Trumpet, Live Drums, Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Piano and Bass to

create a cinematic soundscape.

Most all songs were recorded in a free form jam. Brian Harden put a brilliant mix on it at the time of

completing the tracks. Over six month I edited the songs into their current form, arranged the songs,

did a few re-mix's then mastered.

Player's include: 

Cela Scott - Ambient Vocals

June Kato  - Bass

David Crocco - Drums 

Brian Arbuckle  - Key's 

Dick Aven - Sax/EWI/Flute 

Kevin Cuchia - Percussion 

Very Special Guest Player:
Kaleb Tench - Trumpet 

(Sully & Squeeze Page)

Secret Guest Players:
Liam Lynch - Drums/Keys 

(Giving up The Ghost) 

Michael Taylor - Bass 

(Giving up The Ghost) 

Chris Tench, Brett Stewart, Nigel Pinnell

Brian HardenBrett StewartChris TenchNigel Pinnell

Mastered By:
J.D. Meek

Artwork By:
Joe Bilicic

Special Thanks To:
Vicki Tench, Kaleb Tench, Brian Arbuckle, David Crocco, David Henry, Cela Scott Crocco,

Joe Bilicic, Dick Aven, June Kato, Kevin Cuchia, Brian Harden, Nigel Pennel, Brett Stewart,

Eric & Jamie Waselenchuk, Ernie Spargur..

To You:

Huge Thanks For Your Continued Support & Most Importantly, Listening! ❤️😎

 - The Crowd
 - Tunnel Vision
 - Media Pig
 Squeeze Page
 - Perck
 - Giving Up The Ghost
 - Jupiter II
 - Sully
 - Flux
 - Affluenza 
 - Fain
 - Jupiter II (reps)

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