Media Pig:

Created by Nashville Guitarist/Producer Chris Tench

Is a creative platform designed for Musicians, Artist & Bands to paint their pictures, movies & voices with music.

Hearing in colors & painting with music, these mostly improvised compositions invoke a wide range of dynamic

& emotional soundscapes that become a story in & of themselves, by letting go & makeing Artful Music for Art Sake.

Created, Written and Produced by Chris Tench and recorded at  Dave Crocco & Cela Scott 

home studio in LA's Silver Lake. The music consists of  Instrumental compositions encompassing

Programed Drums, Synth-Guitar and Synthesized Woodwind, Sax, Flute, Trumpet, Live Drums,

Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Piano and Bass to create a cinematic soundscape.

The recording sessions were conducted in a Miles Davis kind of way in that most

all songs were recorded in a free form jam. Brian Harden put a brilliant mix on it

at the time of completing all the tracks. Over a six month time I severely edited

into their current form later by myself and Nigel Pinnell at my studio The Sound Shelter

in Nashville TN. Their I did a few re-mix's, mastered and arranged the songs.


Player's include: 

Cela Scott - Ambient Vocals

June Kato  - Bass

Dick Aven - Sax/EWI/Flute 

David Crocco - Drums 

Kevin Cuchia - Percussion 
Brian Arbuckle  - Key's 


Very Special Guest Player:
Kaleb Tench - Trumpet 

(Sully & Squeeze Page)


Secret Special Guest Players:
Liam Lynch - Drums/Keys 

(Giving up The Ghost) 

Michael Taylor - Bass 

(Giving up The Ghost) 

Editors Include:
Chris Tench, Brett Stewart, Nigel Pinnell


Mixers Include: 
Brian HardenBrett StewartChris TenchNigel Pinnell

Mastered By:
J.D. Meek

Artwork By:
Joe Bilicic


Special Thanks To:
Vicki Tench, Kaleb Tench, Brian Arbuckle, David Crocco, David Henry, Cela Scott Crocco,

Joe Bilicic, Dick Aven, June Kato, Kevin Cuchia, Brian Harden, Nigel Pennel, Brett Stewart,

Eric & Jamie Waselenchuk, Ernie Spargur..


To You:

Thank You For Listening ! ❤️😎

 - The Crowd
 - Tunnel Vision
 - Media Pig
 Squeeze Page
 - Giving Up The Ghost
 - Jupiter II
 - Sully
 - Affluenza 
 - Fain
 - Jupiter II (reps)
 - Flux
 - Perck